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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese Symbol for Beauty & Love

Chinese symbol for beauty

Chinese symbol for beauty is amongst the most popular Chinese symbols used in various ways throughout the world.
Many people in the west have developed a deep affection for Asian arts. This has given birth to a whole new industry which revolves around the production of gift items inspired by Asian cultures.

Different gift items like T-shirts, pendants and necklaces featuring the Chinese beauty symbol are very commonly exchanged between lovers. Any woman who has the slightest of aesthetic sense will definitely love to receive one of those gift items featuring the Chinese beauty symbol.

The Chinese beauty symbol is perhaps the hottest selling symbol amongst those symbols that have gained currency in the west during recent years. The obvious reason behind that is the culture that prevails in the western countries where the exchanging of gifts between loved ones is a common practice.

The Chinese beauty symbol thus serves as an artistic expression of appreciation of the other person’s beauty. The value of such a gift item is further raised by the fact that Chinese symbols are by themselves extremely beautiful.

Chinese symbol for Love

Written down as a four letter word in English, the word “love” is believed to have meaning that goes as deep as the oceans. This is one of the reasons why man has always strived to express his love through various other symbols so as to get the intensity of his message across.

From the giving of a rose to a simple physical gesture and the most profound of poetry people have sought to represent the feeling of love in diverse ways. Amongst the many symbolic representations of love are the Chinese love symbols that originated many years ago in the country.

Love is a feeling of the heart and can be felt for different things and people in different ways. Hence the way you express it also varies according to the one to whom you are expressing your relationship with that person. This is where the brilliance of the Chinese love symbols comes in.

The Chinese love symbol rightfully captures the essence of love which is the connection of it with the heart. This is clearly displayed on the visual of the symbol. The pronunciation that the Chinese love symbol takes on is also relatively easy for the non-Chinese people to pronounce as it sounds similar to “eye”.

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